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Prenatal Ultrasound Connection

Come and experience prenatal bonding like nowhere else. Our exclusive method, uses promoted relaxation, guided breathing and your special touch to bring a sleeping baby to "Hello, Baby!". We will connect you to baby, in a truly visible and conscious way. 


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Early pregnancy scans start at 4 weeks to provide Peace of Mind.  100% Gender Accuracy ultrasounds start as early as 13 weeks. We highly recommend 14 weeks, your baby will be super photogenic at this time.            



Let us show you baby's face while we take you for a connection experience with your unborn baby like never before. 4D Ultrasound technology will allow us to see what you have been working so hard to make.



Our private and full diagnostic ultrasound image studies offer flexibility, quality, accessibility and affordability during pregnancy. Ensuring peace of mind in an uncertain time. Midwife approved. 


"This is probably the greatest experience I've had so far during my entire pregnancy and it was all thanks to LunaUltrasound." 

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