Whether you just received a positive pregnancy result or you are ready to determine gender, we are here for you. Our Peace of Mind session can take all your worries away and confirm pregnancy as well as due date, weeks before your doctor.

100% Gender Accuracy. Gender Determination Assurance 

We assure the 100% accuracy of your gender determination at 13 Weeks and greater, this means if gender is not determinable 100% at your first visit, the 2nd is free. We will bring baby back in within 2 weeks and recheck gender to provide that 100% gender assurance #trustthehandsthatscanyou #lunagenderassurance


Best time for Gender is...

14 Weeks. Your baby is all filled in and looking great, image and gender are both very clear at this time. Gender reveal party? We can keep a secret, don't worry! 


Don't forget about Dad!

Early in your pregnancy, there's not always a big belly to be seen or hard kicks to be felt. Gender Connection, offers the gift of connecting baby to expectant families in an instant. Dad's along with any family will get to witness their baby kick up to where they have placed their hand.  Dad's have been known to tear up and feel invigorated. TIP: 4D Upgrade very helpful visual for Dad's, this upgrade was created just for this very reason.  


Is baby ready yet?

Our End of Pregnancy Check, can provide all the answers to your sleepless nights. Come check to see how ready key components of labor and birthing are for your womb and baby.


2D Ultrasound Sessions & Rates

1st Trimester | Peace of Mind

early 2tri.jpg

4 -12 Weeks


  • measurements for estimated size and due date 
  • Fetal heart tone measured (if applicable)
  • Printed pictures and growth summary

 1 Visit  $59  or  2 Visits* $99 |  Save $19

*2nd Visit must be used in the First Trimster

2nd Trimester | Gender Connection 


Only $59

100% Gender Assurance, starting at 13 Weeks!


ADD 4D Upgrade only $19  


  • Prenatal Connection Experience
  • Measurements for estimated size and due date 
  • Fetal heart tone measured (if applicable) 
  • 100% Gender Determination & Assurance
  • Printed pictures and growth summary
  • Entire session recorded to DVD as a keepsake                              

1 Visit $59

End of Pregnancy Check


36-42 Weeks



We check:

  • Estimated size & weight at time of session and possible birth weight
  • Fetal heart rate
  • Amniotic Fluid Levels
  • Cord around the neck
  • Head position (up or down)

1 Visit $59



Returning for my gender reveal.

“It was the most wonderful experience. I enjoyed everything about this visit in my first trimester, staff is very helpful and very welcoming. I will definitely return for my gender reveal. Thanks so much..”

— Bri S. 

I would rate 10 stars.

“If I could rate 10 stars, I WOULD !!...I've had multiple visits at Luna office and the staff is super friendly and fun every time!! 

— Ana G.

 Gender reveal dilemma.

“Luna was the answer to our gender reveal dilemma. We had a planned reveal at the end of May and my doctor wouldn't do one until week 13, I got the premium package which comes with a DVD and photos. It was perfect and they were right! A boy!.”

— Lila L.

Take home the sound of your baby's heartbeat...

Your baby is waiting.

Don't wait until birth, your baby is ready to connect now.