We are more than a 4D Ultrasound peek a boo studio! Our exclusive prenatal ultrasound methods & Womb INsight make our ultrasound sessions educational and full of peace of mind. Don't just see your baby, let's learn about your baby.

Exclusive Womb INsight


Welcome to your 3rd Trimester and final stages of pregnancy.  Your baby is super cute and chunky and those features are ready to be seen. You will leave our office not only knowing who's nose your baby has, but we provide skilled and enlightened knowledge about your womb, structures within and your baby's personal habits. Questions we can answer...

  • Where is my baby laying? Left or right, Up or down.

  • What is my baby is holding? Some baby's prefer their feet, some their umbilical cord and the list goes on...

  • Is my baby left or right handed? Your baby might already show a dominance.

  • Does my baby have hair? Yes, we can see hair!!

  • What is my baby's temperament like? Are they social or easily bothered...

  • Where is my placenta located? This effects how much you feel your baby. *This is not a previa check


Prenatal Ultrasound Connection with every session

Baby Belly + Parent + Touch

Excluisve Approach using breathing and your special touch to awaken your sleepy baby to promote bonding and interaction. This is a hands on experience where expectant parents can visually see and physically feel. This amazing and awe inducing experience can start as early as 8 week, your baby feels a lot more than you think. 

Designed by Founder of Luna Ultrasound and OB/GYN Songraphy Expert. 

Timed 4D Ultrasound Sessions:



Record your entire ultrasound session on DVD

$10 Master Disc


Printed 3D images

(1) Layout 8x10 $6 OR (2) for $10

Great for Grandparents, frame worthy quality

Growth Summary.jpg

Want to know how big your baby is...

$12 weight and due date summart can be added to any 4D Ultrasound Session from 10-30 Mins, applies only to weeks 26-40+.


Quality plush that saves the sound of your baby's heart beat inside...

Only $29 Add to any Ultrasound Session.

Original Price without ultrasound $39.99





4D ultrasound with my husband.

“We returned on week 30 for the 4D ultrasound with my husband to experience the viewing of our baby boy. Melissa sends the best text messages and confirms via email and text right away..”

— Lila L.

Best thing I've ever experienced in life!

“The 4D US was by far the best! Seeing my prince, who I would dream about, was the best thing I've ever experienced in life.”

—Araceli G. 

Luna ultrasound is open late!

“We went in for our 30 week 3D/4D appointment. I was originally on the fence about even doing this- I wanted to but didn't know if it would work out with our schedules but luckily Luna ultrasound is open late!"

— Deena F. 


Your baby is waiting.

Don't wait until birth, your baby is ready to connect now.