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2D Ultrasound 

Peace Of Mind
2D Gender Connection
2D Gender Connection + 4D upgrade
2D End of Pregnancy Check Sneak Peek DNA Gender Test  

4D Ultrasound
10 Minute 4D Ultrasound
20 Minute 4D Ultrasound   30 Minute 4D Ultrasound

Private Diagnostic Ultrasound
NT Study
Anatomy Study
Simple Check
Standard Check
Complete Biophysical Profile

Scheduling Tip!

Mornings & Evenings are recommended for 3rd Trimester 4D bookings, especially Weeknights 5:45pm-8pm. Weekend's book quickly, please plan accordingly.

Our LIVE PHLEBOTOMIST is in house every Wednesday from 12-1pm, drawing blood for our Sneak Peek D N A testing. Perfect for a quick lunch escape, we can have you in and out, in 15 minutes!

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